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Contemplating a new job: how about luxury product tester paid £75k?

Cherry Reynard
Written By:
Cherry Reynard

January is typically a time for reflection, with many contemplating a change of career. How about a super-yacht tester?

With that in mind, a new website has posted a job advert for a luxury product tester, whose role would be to review superyachts, jet-planes, cars and private islands, making sure they are suitable to go on sale to wealthy consumers.

For this, the lucky candidate will receive a salary of £75,000.

The hushhush.com site features a $3m 2015 Ferrari, a $51m superyacht and a $62 million French chateau.

Applicants will need to demonstrate a passion for travel, art and fashion, have “a keen eye for detail” and an appreciation of the ‘finer things in life’. The role also requires discretion and elegance. HushHush.com connects the world’s most wealthy consumers with luxury brands and products.

Aaron Harpin, founder and CEO of HushHush.com, said: “At HushHush.com, our aim is to offer everything for the millionaire lifestyle, and become the leading destination for wealthy consumers to buy the finer things in life. Of course, we also want our customers to know that each and every item has our assurance of quality. That’s why we’re on the hunt for a product tester. It’s an incredible opportunity for someone to gain invaluable experience in the world of luxury travel, fashion, art and more, but the role does require a great deal of hard graft.”

If that doesn’t appeal, consider one of the following dream jobs:

A professional ‘nose’

There is big money to be made as a ‘nose’, sniffing out and creating smells for perfume groups and industry giants. Many have a background in chemistry. The salaries are attractive, well into six figures. At the same time well-respected noses can go on and create and brand their own perfumes.

Biscuit taster

A full-time biscuit taster can eat the equivalent of two packets of biscuits on each working day. To stave off obesity, many will have the equivalent of a spittoon. Tasters are required to test for crunch, flavour and compatibility with a cup of tea. Salaries aren’t great – around £30,000 as a starting salary, but there are perks.

Chocolate consultant

Mondelez International, owner of Cadburys, has around 50 official chocolate tasters. The marketing team will come up with new concepts, which tasters have to help create, adjusting the flavours and creating different samples. Again, the salary isn’t fantastic – starting at around £25,000 – but you’re effectively spending time in the Wonka factory.

Tea testers

Tea testers aren’t confined to a lab – they get to travel the world to tea plantations, sampling the local wares. It takes about five years to train your palate and there is plenty of competition for jobs. However, once you are trained, the salary is pretty good.

Professional Netflix Taggers

You couldn’t make it up. Professional Netflix taggers are paid to watch shows and categorise them based on genre and type. That allows Netflix to make recommendations based on your previous viewing habits.

For those without the qualifications to try any of these options, there are lots of market research companies who will pay you to test products to see whether they are going to fly with consumers. Try Clicks Research or My Survey