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Just a third of Brits have an energy smart meter

Paloma Kubiak
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Paloma Kubiak

Despite campaigns by the government to promote their benefits, just one in three homes has an energy smart meter, research shows.

Of the third of Brits who have one, 65% said they installed it because their energy provider gave it to them.

Some 32% said they had one fitted because they believed it would save them money. A lowly 15% said they actively contacted their provider to get an energy smart meter installed.

The research from challenger supplier, Igloo Energy, found that of the two thirds who have chosen not to get a smart meter, 25% said they were happy with what they were paying and didn’t think the product would lower their energy bills.

Many also felt they were pointless or were too much hassle to install. One in ten were unsure how to get one and 4% didn’t know what a smart meter was.

Every household will be offered a smart meter by 2020 and more than 11 million have been installed so far. Igloo Energy said with 60% of households on pricey standard tariffs (paying £300 extra a year), energy smart meters will help them use less and bill payers will see long-term savings.

See’s Energy smart meter: should you get one? for more information to weigh up whether it’s the right decision for you.

CEO of Igloo Energy, Matt Clemow, said: “This research shows there is still a lot of doubt around the benefits of smart meters and smart home technology, despite them offering long-term savings compared to consistently switching providers.

“A large proportion of UK households (60%) are currently stuck on their energy provider’s more expensive standard tariff after being lured in with discounted introductory tariffs. However, if a household tracks how much energy they use, they will start to use less and will see long-term savings.”