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King Charles III coronation coins revealed by Royal Mint

Rebecca Goodman
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Rebecca Goodman

The Royal Mint has introduced a range of commemorative coins to celebrate the coronation next month of King Charles III.

The coins, often in silver or gold, feature the first official portrait of the king wearing the Tudor Crown, using an image designed by Martin Jennings.

It is the first crowned representation of King Charles to be featured on a coin. A design without a crown was unveiled last year, following his accession to the throne.

The new collection, which includes a 50p and a £5 coin, will go on sale on the Royal Mint website at 9 a.m. on Monday 24 April. The coins have been created to mark the coronation on May 6th and the crowned effigy is reserved for collectible and commemorative coins.

The Tudor Crown itself was destroyed in the 1640s but it has featured in previous crowned pictures of kings in the 20th century. Charles chose this crown for the portrait.

The reverse of the 50p coin features an image of Westminster Abbey designed by Natasha Jenkins, a product designer at The Royal Mint.

The £5 coin features a design of the St Edward’s Crown on the reverse by Timothy Noad.

There are also a range of one-ounce coins available, in several editions and sizes, which have the crowned portrait of King Charles on one side and a design by John Bergdahl on the reverse.

Prices vary. The least expensive costs £11 for what’s known as a “brilliantly uncirculated” and unlimited 50p coin, rising to £1,220 for a gold proof 50p coin, of which there will be a limit of 500.

The most expensive is a 1kg gold proof coin for £77,565 and there will be 15 of these available.

A ‘highly collectible’ range

Martin Jennings said: “Following my work on the uncrowned coin effigy of His Majesty, I am delighted to have had the opportunity to work on a crowned version for the coronation range.

“Each detail of the crown has to be scrupulously correct so it has taken considerable work to get it right. I’m proud to have had the opportunity to realise a design that is both dignified and celebratory for this historic occasion.”

Rebecca Morgan, director of collector services at the Royal Mint, said: “The coronation range is a celebration of the coronation and His Majesty the King’s formal investiture, exhibiting exemplary British craftsmanship, with a range of price points making it accessible for all.

“We’re particularly excited to unveil the unique crowned effigy, making this range highly collectible and a wonderful keepsake of such a historic occasion.”