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Looking to sell your home? These are the features that buyers want

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Most people say their dream home needs a new modern kitchen and built-in wardrobes but high maintenance features are out.

If you are looking to sell your home, it’s worth knowing what buyers are looking for, and according to a new research from Halifax, the key areas are the kitchen and bedrooms.

The dream home for about one-third of respondents in the survey of more than 4,600 Britons was a big, modern, detached property with a new kitchen and built-in wardrobes. But nearly a quarter (24%) said they preferred a period property with big windows and tall ceilings.

One-third said a garden shed or outbuildings were important features.

When it comes to gardens, natural was the preferred way to go: Nearly half (46%) of respondents said grass was better than artificial turf or paving.  More than a quarter (26%) said that if a house they had rejected turned out to have a gorgeous garden, it could change their mind about putting in an offer.

Watch out for high maintenance features

High-maintenance features were a turn-off for some. More than a quarter (26%) said they would not want a swimming pool and nearly a third (30%) would reject ugly wallpaper.

Almost half of homeowners (46%) surveyed said they were thinking about making home improvements in the next few years.

‘Good wi-fi and energy efficiency are must-haves’

Kim Kinnaird, Halifax mortgages director, said: “In today’s climate, it’s possible people may stay in their current home for longer, putting home improvements higher up the agenda, including adding long-term value to future-proof their property.

“Our research shows that top of people’s home wish lists are good wi-fi and energy efficiency. However, some people are looking for something a little different – with two-fifths citing a utility room as a must-have while almost a tenth see a hot water tap as essential.”