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More homes to benefit from £200 Alternative Fuels Payment

Samantha Partington
Written By:
Samantha Partington

More households who use alternative fuels to heat their homes will eligible for a one-off payment of £200 to help with the cost of their energy bills.

The Government has extended the eligibility of its Alternative Fuels Payment scheme, which runs until May 2023, for those who do not receive the £200 credit automatically from their electricity supplier.

The £200 payment is on top of the £400 assistance received through your electricity supplier.

Previously, households who had to apply manually for the payment, because they live in an area which is mainly connected to the gas grid or not connected to either the gas or the electricity grid, had to prove that they had spent £200 on alternative fuels including wood, oil, tank or bottled gas, liquid petroleum gas or oil to heat their home since September 2022.

This date has now been pushed back by three months to June 2022 which means more homes will be eligible to make a claim.

Energy security secretary, Grant Shapps, said the change of criteria was to ensure that households who purchased fuel in bulk ahead of the winter were able to receive the £200 energy bill support they are entitled to.

To be eligible you must not be connected to the mains gas grid and use an alternative fuel as your main form of heating.