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M&S trials £120 premium Sparks Plus subscription

Rebecca Goodman
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Rebecca Goodman

M&S is trialling a premium version of its Sparks loyalty scheme which will cost £120 a year and include perks such as unlimited next-day delivery.

Those signed up will also receive a free hot drink once a month, invites to in-store events, and a monthly £10 voucher to spend at the retailer.

The trial is currently running to a select group of customers and is not currently open to join more widely.

Members will receive all the benefits available with the free Sparks subscription including personalised offers, money donated to a charity when you shop, and every seventh hot drink free and they will also have access to extra benefits as well.

What is included with Sparks Plus?

The following benefits will be included in the paid-for Sparks Plus subscription, alongside everything members already get from the free subscription:

  • Unlimited free next-day delivery
  • £10 M&S vouchers every month
  • Free hot drink each month at M&S cafés
  • Double charity donations (compared to the free version)
  • Invites to store events
  • A special gift (details haven’t been given of what this is)

The retailer said the value of the benefits available with Sparks Plus are worth around £200.

An M&S spokesperson, said, “We are regularly testing new products and services with our customers, including Sparks Plus – a trial subscription service.”

Is a membership for Sparks Plus worth it?

However, before signing up when it opens, you’ll need to calculate if it will actually save you money or not.

If you’re a regular shopper at M&S, for example, and often buy hot drinks and pay for delivery for goods ordered online, the costs could be worth it.

The £10 monthly voucher, for example, will be worth £120 over the year so if you use it and would normally spend that money at the shop then the premium membership is a bonus as you’ll also get the extra perks thrown in.

But if you only shop there occasionally, and you’re not going to use many of the extra benefits, it’s probably not worth the money.