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National living wage increase kicks in from today

Joanna Faith
Written By:
Joanna Faith

The national living wage has gone up by 6.2% from today, giving a pay rise to millions of low-paid workers.

The increase – for those over 25 – takes the basic hourly wage to £8.72 and will add an extra £930 a year to pay packets for full-time workers.

The government announced the change at the end of last year and said it would be the biggest cash increase ever, improving the pay for 2.8 million people.

The chancellor has pledged to raise the national living wage for everyone over 25 to £10.50 within the next five years.

Younger workers under 25 will also receive a pay boost from today, with the minimum wage for 21-24 year olds increasing from £7.70 to £8.20 and from £6.15 to £6.45 for 18-20 year olds.

Bryan Sanderson, chair of the Low Pay Commission, said: “Many of the nation’s key workers – in, for example, the care sector, agriculture, transport and retail – are low-paid, are continuing to work in very difficult conditions and will benefit from today’s increase.”

TUC general secretary Frances O’Grady said: “Britain is indebted to its army of minimum wage heroes. Many – including care workers and supermarket staff – are currently on the frontline of the battle against coronavirus. They deserve every penny of this increase, and more.”