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Netflix hikes prices: how much is your subscription going up by?

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The streaming app is planning to raise prices for UK subscribers by up to 20 per cent – as the company looks to spend more on new shows.

Netflix is planning to increase its subscription prices over the coming weeks for existing customers, while new subscribers will pay higher charges straight away.

The standard tariff, which allows users to stream shows and movies to two devices at the same time, is rising to £8.99 per month – up from £7.99.

Meanwhile, the premium tariff, which allows users to stream to four devices, will increase to £11.99 per month – up from £9.99.

Netflix has decided to leave its basic tariff unchanged at £5.99 per month. The company last raised its prices in October 2017.

The streaming business, which has 10 million subscribers in the UK, has decided to increase subscription prices in order to fund a content budget of $15bn.

The move comes ahead of the launch of Disney +, which will see Disney launch a streaming service later in the year. Content available will be produced by Disney, alongside other entertainment brands such as Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic, Hulu, Hotstar and ESPN. The service will be priced at $6.99 (£5.56) per month.

The launch means Netflix will be unable to carry any content that is produced by Disney.