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New Year sales start today for nearly half of shoppers

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Two fifths (44%) of people will begin sales shopping today – with male shoppers expected to spend almost £300 more than women.

While the average shopper is expected to spend £533 in the Christmas and New Year sales, men will buy goods worth £677, much more than the £393 for women, according to American Express figures.

Almost half (48%) of shoppers will buy clothes, while shoes (27%), DVDs, books and CDs (21%), beauty products (21%) and gadgets like smartphones and tablets (18%) completed the top five list of most sought after sales items.

While most people will be browsing in store (54%), online shopping comes a very close second at 51%.

Many shoppers are also planning ahead, with a fifth (19%) of bargain hunters using the sales to buy future birthday presents, and 16% stocking up on next year’s Christmas presents, the research revealed.