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Ovo launches cut-price green electric vehicle energy tariff

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

The energy firm says the new price plan can slash electric vehicle (EV) charging costs by up to 70%.

Ovo Energy trialled the EV tariff, called Ovo Drive + Anytime, in January, but says the new version is even more cost-effective.

Ovo Drive + Anytime is the UK’s only green energy plan that offers customers separate rates for their car and home.

Ovo says that EV drivers using the tariff can drive for a year for as little as £100, offering a flat rate of 5p/kWh, no matter what time of day their vehicle is charged.

It says that by splitting customers’ home energy and EV energy usage, tariff users can save 70% on charging costs. By splitting the EV charging costs from home electricity charges, customers will be credited back for the amount of electricity saved via EV smart charging every month.

Ovo Drive + Anytime works in conjunction with Kaluza’s energy platform and smart charging innovation. Using AI algorithms, Kaluza can automatically optimise a user’s car to charge during times of low energy demand, when emissions and prices are also low.

Ovo says the flat-rate tariff differs from others in the market where customers end up paying significantly higher prices when charging during the middle of the day and are exposed to energy price spikes as operators bring more renewable power onto the system and balance increasing demand.

Chris Russell, managing director of Ovo Drive at Ovo Energy, said: “Our Ovo Drive + Anytime trial in January was a real success and we’re thrilled to be rolling out this pioneering new plan nationwide. To be able to offer our EV-driving customers an affordable and hassle-free way of joining us in our mission to achieve a carbon zero future is amazing. We want to encourage the use of electric vehicles as a carbon-conscious lifestyle choice, and it should be easy and accessible – with the help of Kaluza’s cutting edge technology, our new Drive + Anytime plan embodies that vision perfectly.”