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The airport trick that could save you £100s on your family holiday

Paloma Kubiak
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Paloma Kubiak

Knowing when kids up and down the country break up for the school holidays could save you hundreds of pounds on the cost of jetting abroad.

In fact, families in some parts of England and Scotland can save as much as £1,260 or 66% on a week’s overseas holiday this summer, according to comparison site, TravelSupermarket.

This is because schools across the country break up for the summer holidays at different times, and you can use this information to your advantage.

By travelling to an airport in an area where kids are still at their desks (or returned to school at the end of summer), this means demand for flights and holidays is lower, and ultimately, so is the price.

Emma Coulthurst, consumer advocate at TravelSupermarket, said: “With Scottish children having already started their summer holiday and Leicestershire schools breaking up a week earlier than most of the rest of England, families in these areas can get away for as much as £1260/66% less by travelling to airports in areas where the children are not yet off school.

“Also, families in the North of England can benefit from some great prices from Scotland at the end of the summer, once Scottish schools have started their new school term on 20 August. But, make sure you factor in the extra time and travel costs, to see whether the saving is worth it”.

The summer holiday dates to note

Leicestershire schools: these break up on Friday 13 July so families flying away that weekend or the week up to Thursday 19 July can find some bargain prices. Most children in Derbyshire and the West Midlands, and the North West and South East are still at school until at least 20 July or even later in the case of Nottinghamshire (26 July).

This means Leicestershire families can fly from virtually anywhere in England including airports local to them such as Birmingham and the East Midlands, for a fraction of the price of holidays the week after, due to lower demand.

As an example, Leicestershire families flying from Birmingham to Bulgaria on Monday 16 July for seven nights on a room-only basis at a Sunny Beach resort would pay £163pp (£652 for a family of four). But flying a week later on Monday 23 July for the equivalent holidays costs from £478pp – £1,260 or 193% more.

Schools in Scotland: these have already broken up so families going south of the border, e.g. Newcastle airport can bag some good holiday prices before the schools break up in the North East – around 20 July.

From 20  August, Scottish schools start a new term. So, people in North England e.g. in Cumbria, Northumberland and Manchester travelling a few hours to Glasgow airport can take advantage of attractive package prices from Scottish airports in the last week of August, when Scottish schools have started their new term.

As an example, fly from Glasgow on 25 August for seven nights staying at a two star self-catering hotel in Lanzarote and you’ll pay £225pp. But a similar holiday from Newcastle would be £338pp – 43% more expensive.

Manchester and Lancashire schools: These break up around Friday 20 July. But schools in areas such as Bradford, Leeds and Liverpool don’t finish until Thursday 26th July. Manchester and Lancashire families can look for holiday bargains for those few days in between when there is less demand on airports such as Leeds, Bradford and Liverpool.