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Sky offers customers ‘reliable’ broadband for an extra £5 a month

Joanna Faith
Written By:
Joanna Faith

Sky is guaranteeing customers “fast and reliable” broadband throughout their homes – but they’ll have to pay an extra £5 a month for the service.

The new WiFi Guarantee, which is part of Sky’s Boost package, promises strong, uninterrupted wifi signal in every room.

Customers will get their money back if the signal they receive isn’t strong enough to stream their favourite shows.

Sky will also “proactively” check the broadband line speeds of Boost customers and will send a text if anything needs fixing. Engineer visits, including evenings and weekends, are included in the fee.

The service will be available from 6 September and cost an additional £5 a month, which can be added onto any Sky broadband package.

Existing customers will need to enter a new 18-month contract.

Aman Bhatti, head of propositions, Sky, said: “The need for fast and reliable broadband that reaches every room is more important than ever before – but as you can’t physically see your WiFi signal, it can be difficult for most people to understand what makes it stronger or weaker. Our WiFi Guarantee, combined with the new Sky Hub, genuinely guarantees a strong signal in every room of the house.”