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Staycation planning: the cheapest UK beach hotspots revealed

Paloma Kubiak
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Paloma Kubiak

With the value of the pound falling to record lows against the dollar and the euro, British holidaymakers may be better off going on a staycation this summer and they can grab a bargain holiday to the seaside for under £500.

A family of four can take a week’s holiday at one of the UK’s popular beach resorts for less than £500, with a week in Blackpool two adults and two children, including seven nights in a hotel and a ride on the town’s tourist tram, costing just £467 – the cheapest on the list.

Coming in second place is Skegness at a cost of £726 including three-star accommodation for £700 in the heart of the Lincolnshire town and a day’s trip to the local seal sanctuary.

In total, five of the ten seaside resorts can be holidayed in for under £1,000 for a family of four, according to the research by

But if you head to Newquay in Cornwall, it will set you back £1,786, including a trip to the Cornwall Aviation Heritage Centre.


A spokesperson for said: “Heading off on your summer holiday with your family doesn’t have to mean jetting off abroad – there’s a whole selection of idyllic resorts to visit within the UK.

“If you actually look, there are fun tourist attractions to visit dotted all around the UK’s coasts and there’s heaps of fun to be had. Fingers crossed it stays sunny though.”