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Students offered £10k cash to defer uni places

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Students are being offered £10,000 in cash and free accommodation to defer their courses until next year.

The offer has been made to students offered places to study law or business at the University of Leeds, and to students studying medicine at the University of Exeter.

University of Leeds deputy vice chancellor Peter Jimack said the university was making the offer as some courses were full. He added that the teacher-assessed grades, due to the pandemic, as opposed to exam-based grades, had made it harder to predict the number of successful applicants for certain courses.

Undergraduates who agree to defer their places at Leeds are being offered £10,000 in cash and their halls of residence fees paid for the first year of study.

The University of Leeds is also creating an extra 30 places to study medicine to help students who applied to oversubscribed courses elsewhere.

A similar offer has been made to students wanting to study medicine at the University of Exeter. Accommodation in the university halls costs £6,574 to £7,611 a year, bringing the total amount of money on offer to more than £16,500.

The university made the offer to students last month – before A-level results came out.

Applications to study medicine has risen 20% on last year but the number of undergraduate places to study medicine in England is capped by the government.