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The cheapest and best value Valentine’s Day meal deals

Rebecca Goodman
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Rebecca Goodman

Most of the supermarkets have Valentine’s Day meal deals and the cheapest comes from Aldi, at £7.27 or £11.26 if you want to add alcohol.

Aldi offers the cheapest supermarket meal deal, according to Which?, yet it has stiff competition.

The meal deal from Asda, for example, also comes with a free movie from Sky.

What you pick from a meal deal menu can also make a difference to how much money you save. At Morrisons, for example you could save £14.10 with some items in the offer and £18.45 at Tesco.

While for those leaving dinner plans to the last minute, you can now order Valentine’s Day meal deals including oysters from Waitrose through Deliveroo to be delivered at the door.

The best-value Valentine’s Day meal deals

If you’re planning on buying a romantic meal, the supermarkets have some great options. Here we look at what the different supermarkets have on offer, according to the analysis from Which?.


Aldi has three menus to choose from including beef steaks and lobster pasta which cost between £7.27 and £13.55 for a starter, main and dessert for two.

You can add wine or prosecco to the offer, which will cost between £3.89 and £4.99 more.

It’s cheaper to buy the items in the meal deal as part of the offer, instead of individually. Those not using the meal deal could pay around £18 more, according to Which?.


For £15, you can buy the Asda Extra Special Valentine’s Day meal deal which includes three courses and a box of chocolates. There are 17 options to choose from and the main meal includes two side dishes. It would cost the same to buy these items in the deal or separately.

There’s also a movie voucher worth £5.49 which can be used at the Sky store website or app. This must be redeemed within seven days.


At Co-op, the Valentine’s Day meal deal includes a starter, main meal, side dish, dessert and a soft drink.

It’s £12 for Co-op membership cardholders and £15 for non members. You can choose from 14 dishes.

If you want to add prosecco or wine, the price rises to £16, or £20 respectively.

The best-value combination here according to Which? is the Irresistible Garlic and Parsley Tear and Share with Camembert, Irresistible Hereford Rump/Sirloin Steaks, either Irresistible Triple Cooked Chips or Irresistible Buttered Mashed Potato for your side, any dessert and Irresistible Leyda Valley Sauvignon Blanc.


The Valentine’s Day Dine In deal from M&S includes a starter, main, side dish, dessert and drink for £20.
There are 30 products to choose from and the alcoholic drink options include a sparkling rosé or pink prosecco.

The best-value option is the Coquilles St Jacques, rump steaks with peppercorn sauce, sirloin steaks with garlic butter, or herb-crusted lamb rack, cheesy spring greens, any of the desserts aside from the mini cheese selection, and Conte Priuli rosé prosecco or Conte Priuli prosecco to drink.

Combined, this would cost £37.50 outside of the deal, saving £17.50.


The Morrisons Valentine’s Day meal deal is £15 and includes a starter, main, two sides, two desserts and an alcoholic or non-alcoholic drink. There are around 30 products in the deal.

The best-value option would save you up to £20.45 when compared with buying the items on their own.

It includes items such as the Best Cornish Scallop and King Prawn Thermidor Gratins, The Best Beef Wellington, any sides aside from The Best Garlic Bread Sticks, Gü Zillionaires Cheesecake and Menestrello Prosecco Spumante.


If you’re going to Sainsbury’s for your meal deal, the offer is £15 for a starter, main, side dish, dessert and drink of either wine, gin and tonic or an alcohol-free alternative for £15.

There are 28 items to choose from, which are part of its Taste the Difference range.

You could save £14.10 if you chose the antipasti platter, sirloin steak with butter, any side, any dessert and a bottle of prosecco, which would usually cost £29.10.


At Tesco, the meal deal for two is £12 which includes a main, side dish, dessert and drink. The Tesco deal is only for Clubcard members, without one you’ll pay up to £21.60 for the same items.


You’ll pay £20 for the Waitrose Valentine’s day meal deal which includes a starter, main, side, dessert plus bottle of wine, prepared cocktails or non-alcoholic beverages. There are 40 different options to choose from.

The combination that will save you the most money includes the bacon leek and Roquefort tartlets or layered mushroom parfait, beef ribeye steaks with dauphinoise potatoes for your main and side, either No.1 raspberry panna cotta, Heston from Waitrose espresso martini choc tortes, No.1 rhubarb and custard love hearts or the perfect British cheeseboard for dessert and any of the Tails Cocktails drinks.

This will save you £18.45 compared to if you bought the items outside of the promotion, as they would cost you £38.45.