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Three in four used tyres fail to meet legal safety standards

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Drivers are advised to buy new tyres wherever possible as a mystery shop of used tyres revealed serious safety and legal flaws, putting motorists in real danger.

Three quarters (74%) of used tyres inspected by trading standards failed to meet legal safety limits.

The London branch (LTS) and safety charity TyreSafe mystery shopped more than 150 businesses selling part worn tyres between January and June 2018.

The investigation revealed that 33% of the tyres inspected showed serious safety failures while 41% had marking issues.

‘Always buy new wherever possible’

Gerry Hearne, chair of LTS’ product safety group, said: “The results of our used tyre checks carried out with Tyresafe are concerning and indicate that there are serious safety flaws with a significant proportion of the used tyres on sale in London.

“Consumers need to be aware that part worn tyres which don’t comply with the law pose significant safety risks. Should members of the public suspect that used tyres they have been sold do not meet legal requirements, they should report the trader to Trading Standards via the Citizens Advice Consumer helpline.”

TyreSafe chairman, Stuart Jackson, added that there’s an appallingly high level of illegal practises among retailers of part worn tyres.

“That’s of grave concern as tyres are a safety critical product. If they’re not in roadworthy condition, a vehicle’s brakes and steering are compromised. Londoners should be concerned that three-quarters of tyres in this investigation failed to meet legal safety standards. TyreSafe’s advice is always buy new whenever possible,” he said.