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UK grandparents to spend more than £2bn on grandkids this Christmas

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

British grandparents are set to collectively spend £2.8bn on gifts for their grandkids this year, almost half a million more than in 2018.

A study by over-50s provider SunLife found grandparents plan to spend £81 on each of their grandchildren, £13 more than they spent last year and almost double the £42 they spent in 2017.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, grandparents spend more on their grandkids than on anyone else.

On average, grandparents spend £227 more on their grandchildren’s Christmas presents than they do on their other half, and £31 more on their grandkids’ presents than they spend on everyone else’s gifts combined.

One in six grandparents say they don’t care about the cost, as long as they get their grandkids the right present.

According to the SunLife Grandparents Christmas Gift Guide, top present requests this year include: Harry Potter and Star Wars Lego sets, Peppa Pig toys, Baby Annabel Dolls, Hot Wheels sets, Nerf Guns and playdoh. Sweets and chocolates are also high on the list

Ian Atkinson, marketing director at SunLife, said: “We know it can sometimes be tricky for grandparents to know what to get their grandchildren, and they often don’t want to ask as it is nice to have a surprise. So we have done the asking for them.”