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Vets are the UK’s best paid graduates

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Veterinary science graduates earn the most straight out of university with an average salary of £31,636 on graduation.

With thousands of students opening their A-level results and confirming their places at university, job site Indeed has looked at the most lucrative graduate roles.

It found that vets are the highest paid graduates (earning a typical starting salary of £31,636), followed by property management consultants (£31,362), development operations engineers (£30,593), senior structural engineers (£30,168), and actuaries (£30,153).

However, training to be a vet can take five or six years, longer than most undergraduate courses

Eight of the 10 of the highest-paid graduate jobs pay more than the average UK salary of £29,500 a year.

The rapid growth of the UK’s tech sector – and the salaries it is willing to pay to attract skilled professionals – is also in evidence, with the league table featuring several coding and developer roles.

The global car rental company Enterprise emerged as the UK’s most prolific hirer of new graduates. It accounts for nearly one in 40 (2.36 per cent) of “graduate” job postings on Indeed.

Other big recruiters of talent straight out of university include the Big Four accountancy firms PwC and KPMG, and the multinational management consultancy WSP.