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Well-kept gardens can add nearly £2k to the value of your property

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

A well-kept garden can add £1,950 to the value of a property, according to research, but homeowners are hesitant to part with cash to keep their gardens up to scratch.

The average person spent just £473 on garden upkeep last year, with 24% of people quizzed admitting to spending between £1 and £100.

Some 18% spent between £101 and £200, while 14% laid out between £201 and £400.

It seems homeowners prefer the DIY-approach when it comes to gardening, with 90% planting their own flowers, 74% washing their patio and 51% building garden furniture.

For bigger jobs such as building walls, terraces and new fences and felling trees, Brits are more inclined to hire tradespeople.

The study by AXA Insurance found most people spend nine hours a month working on their gardens. However if they were to hire a gardener, they would only ask them to work six hours.

They would pay £10 an hour for a gardener, making it around £60 a month to look after the average garden.