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Cost of Private Medical Insurance on the rise

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The Association of British Insurers has warned consumers that the cost of Private Medical Insurance has increased by more than the rate of inflation.

The warning come in a guide published by the ABI for people considering buying PMI. It is designed to help potential customers understand the benefits of PMI, why people buy it and how it works, including the likelihood of above inflation price rises

The guide notes that: “Even with the wide range of PMI policies available, it is likely that whatever policy you choose your premiums will rise above the rate of general inflation.”

It then cites the reasons for this including advances in diagnosis, new and more expensive drugs and surgical technologies. Intermediaries are referenced as a source for consumers to buy PMI, alongside direct from insurers or an agent such as a bank or supermarket.

The booklet notes that advisers must explain to customers whether they are independent, advising on a range of insurers, or just a representative of one insurer. And it warns that if a customer chooses to buy direct from an insurer or insurer’s agent without receiving advice, it is the buyer’s responsibility to choose a policy that is right for them.

It also broaches the differences between full medical underwriting and moratorium underwriting, while other subjects covered include the typical path for a claim and common treatments covered and excluded.

The 16 page booklet is available to download or can be ordered from the ABI.