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‘Staycationers’ urged to take out insurance

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

If you’re one of the millions of people planning to take a trip in the UK this summer, don’t leave yourself uninsured or your valuables at risk of theft, loss or damage.

More than eight out of ten Brits will take trips in the UK this summer, taking with them on average £676 worth of valuables.

But despite this, 63% don’t have ‘away from home cover’, which protects personal items such as jewellery, gadgets and cash when you’re away from your property, as part of their home insurance policy.

This leaves thousands of pounds’ worth of valuables at risk of theft, loss or damage, according to new research from insurer Policy Expert.

Of the 2,500 surveyed, only a third would take out travel insurance for staycations in the UK, such as for camping, festivals or walking holidays, leaving nearly 70% of trips uninsured.

Policy Expert also found that 8% have damaged, lost or had valuables stolen while travelling in the UK and a third didn’t claim on their insurance.

The most common items were mobile phones, cameras, wallets/purses and jewellery.

Adam Powell, head of operations at Policy Expert, said: “Wherever you’re holidaying this summer, whether that be on the white shores of the Caribbean or a pebbled beach in Wales, it’s important to ensure you’re properly insured and that your belongings are covered against loss and theft.

“If you don’t want to take out a separate travel insurance policy, checking the small print in your home insurance to make sure it includes away from home cover is a good place to start.”