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RBS and NatWest help those affected by flooding

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Southern Scotland and North West England have been battered by bad weather and flooding, and need all the support they can get from their banks.

NatWest and RBS have announced a series of measures to support those affected by the recent flooding. The banks said that the serious flooding across much of North West England and Southern Scotland is likely to have financially affected many people and businesses in those areas.

As the organsations realise this is a difficult time for those impacted, they have introduced a range of measures to support their personal and business customers and ease the financial strain caused.

For personal customers these include:

·         Mortgage and loan repayment deferral for up to three months

·         Customers can close fixed savings accounts to access cash with no Early Closure Charge 

·         Refunds on credit card cash advance fees

·         Customers can apply for increased temporary credit card limit

·         Customers can request an increased cash withdrawal limit of up to £500.

For business customers:

·         New or increased overdrafts with no arrangement fees for up to six months

·         Capital repayment holidays and reduced payments for up to six months with no arrangement or administration fees

·         Fee-free loan funding to replace assets.

Les Matheson, CEO of Personal and Business Banking at RBS and NatWest, said: “We want to help the people and business owners affected by the recent flooding by making banking the least of their worries. We’re providing additional credit or access to finance where needed, so they can concentrate in getting their homes or businesses back to normal.”