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Revealed: The most common home insurance claims

Nick Cheek
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Nick Cheek

Accidental loss or damage in the home is the most frequent reason for a home insurance claim, a major financial services comparison company found

Data compiled by Go.Compare has revealed that there was 21,500 claims lodged for loss or accidental damage in the past year. This accounted for 28% of all of the claims made.

The reasons why home insurance holders make this type of claim ncluded drilling through pipes and carpet spillage.

Water escape was the next most common way cuse of a claim, accounting for 26% of all claims made.

An escape of water is the official term that insurers use, and this can happen through incidents such as a burst pipe, a faulty appliance or a dripping tap.

Storm damage also featured high up the claims list, with 13% of all claims following hazardous weather conditions.

How to limit claims

Go.Compare recommends several routes customers can take to protect their homes and limit the need to go through a potentially difficuly claims process.

  • Protect against weather damage, by checking regularly for loose tiles, broken guttering and other external issues.
  • Make sure that you check and insulate external taps and pipes and examine if they are in good condition. And when the weather gets colder, add some insulation to stop pipes from bursting or freezing over.
  • Maintain trees that are close to your home is also important as debris or a falling tree can cause a huge amount of damage, make sure that any broken branches are cleared.
  • Ramp up home security by using sturdy and approved locks on your doors and windows. Installing a burglar alarm is now a standard measure, and keeping belongings securely locked away indoors or in outbuildings is also advisable.

Ceri McMillan, home insurance expert at Go Compare, said: “Your home insurance policy can help protect you from a range of mishaps and unfortunate events, and while we can see a wide range of claims were lodged in 2022, some issues are definitely more common than others.

“It’s also really important to check the details of your home insurance policy and what exactly it covers you for as this can vary quite a lot between insurers and between specific policies. We always recommend homeowners take the time to compare home policies using an online comparison tool, so they can find the right cover, and possibly save some money, too.”

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