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The unnecessary expense costing students hundreds

Paloma Kubiak
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Paloma Kubiak

Millions of undergraduates are taking out contents insurance they don’t necessarily need, new research reveals.

Four out of five new students are already covered under their parents’ contents insurance, according to research by insurer NFU Mutual, so they may be unwittingly forking out for a new policy when they go off to university.

The next few weeks will see students move into university halls of residents, taking with them expensive gadgets such as smart phones, tablets and TVs worth several thousand pounds.

While insurance is unlikely to be a top priority, parents can help their children save money before they even move out by checking whether their existing home contents insurance covers their treasured possessions.

Independent research from Defaqto found that 78% of home insurance products also cover student belongings as standard.

Ross Garner, home insurance specialist at NFU Mutual said: “With the average cost of tuition fees now around £26,000 for a three-year course, everyone knows that university is more expensive than ever before. The last thing most students need is to incur further costs insuring their items when it’s most likely they’re just moving out of home for the first time.

“Out of all home contents policies on the market, around four in every five provide some cover for student possessions as standard, but it’s worth checking the amounts insured too.”

Top tips to safeguard student belongings

Here are five tips to make sure your prized possessions are covered:

  1. Mark belongings to help track them in case of theft and take photos of anything expensive in case you need to make a claim
  2. Check the security of accommodation and raise any concerns with the landlord or halls of residence
  3. Be particularly careful when sharing accommodation as insurers typically pay theft claims when there is forcible entry into the room
  4. Make sure valuables are not left in full view if leaving them in your room when you go out
  5. Call Crimestoppers on 0800 555 1111 if you see anything suspicious.