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The stocks and funds to buy for building a Junior ISA

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The online trading platform The Share Centre tips National Grid and the household goods company Reckitt Benckiser as ideal stocks for a Junior ISA (JISA) portfolio.

Meanwhile to help your child’s nest egg grow it recommends the CF Miton UK Value Opportunities fund and the Woodford Patient Capital Trust, the investment trust launched by Neil Woodford one year ago.

With many enjoying time off of work over the Easter period, Ian Forrest, investment analyst at the The Share Centre, said it is a good time to look at the savings people are putting away either for their children or their grandchildren.

For those looking at adding stocks to a JISA, he recommends National Grid and Reckitt Benckiser.

He said: “Both deal with everyday necessities for which there is constant demand, resulting in relatively steady earnings and cash flow streams. We are encouraged by the long terms prospects at both companies.

“We have long been fans of National Grid, which continues to see a good level of progress and an improving outlook for its operations in the US. It has an attractive dividend yield of around 4.65%, and the dividend is set to grow at least in line with inflation. As those dividends are reinvested there is the potential to grow your child’s JISA portfolio steadily over time.

“Reckitt Benckiser is the world’s largest producer of household goods and cleaning products, owning brands such as Cillit Bang, Vanish and Harpic. Annual results in February were ahead of expectations, showing a rise in net profit to £1.74bn, boosted by a focus on higher-margin consumer health products. Revenue increased by 5% and the dividend for the year was unchanged at 139 pence. The company has been an excellent and consistent performer over the last 15 years, and with its recent expansion into emerging markets we see strong potential for the future.

“For those investors seeking a fund for their child’s JISA, we see CF Miton UK Value Opportunities and Woodford Patient Capital as relatively low risk options for the long term. Both are structured for saving over a lengthy time horizon and are therefore good choices for your JISA.

“The investment objective of the CF Miton UK Value Opportunities Fund is to achieve long term capital growth. The fund will invest mainly in UK companies which the investment manager considers to be undervalued by the market. The fund was only launched back in March 2013, and yet despite a short investment history, the management team have already clearly demonstrated a remarkable ability for stock-picking and we believe they will continue to do so in the same vein.

“Managed by the legendary UK investment manager, Neil Woodford, Woodford Patient Capital is for investors that have an eye on the long term when it comes to returns. The fund aims to achieve long-term capital growth by investing in a portfolio consisting predominantly of UK companies, both quoted and unquoted. The trust will aim to deliver a return in excess of 10% per annum over the longer term.”

In the 2015/16 tax year, the savings limit for JISAs is £4,080.