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Could chocolate be your golden ticket to investing?

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

It’s Chocolate Week – The Share Centre has taken a look at how you can invest in chocolate to build a tasty nest egg.

Chocolate consumption around the word is on the rise, according to Mintel Global New Products Database. An estimated 660,900 tonnes of chocolate is consumed a year in Britain alone – with brands such as Hotel Chocolat and Mondelez well known listed companies.

You’ve probably heard of Hotel Chocolat which has grown in popularity since it became listed a few years ago and focuses on luxury chocolate products.

However Mondelez may not be as recognisable as it should be – Mondelez is the entity behind a lot of our favourite treats including Cadbury’s, Milka and Toblerone.

The Share Centre have crunched the numbers and its research shows if you had invested £50 per month in both companies since the beginning of the year, you’d have made £79.47 profit from Hotel Chocolat and £34.27 from Mondelez Int.

Analysts at The Share Centre worked out that investing in chocolate could help to fund your chocolate consumption over the festive period.

If you had invested £50 per month in Hotel Chocolat from the beginning of the year you’d have made enough profit to buy a Supermilk Chocolate Advent Calendar, a Five Elf’s Christmas Stocking, and 10 Mini Chocolate Christmas Cracker, all from Hotel Chocolat.

Investing in Mondelez would have also aided investors in the purchase of Christmas staples – profits from a £50 a month investment since January would be enough to buy three of its Christmas Chocolate tins, nine Cadbury Chocolate Snowman selection boxes, or 45 classic Dairy Milk chocolate bars.

Joe Healey, investment research analyst at The Share Centre, said: “People will consume chocolate all-year long, not just at Christmas – so investing in things people will continue to consume can help add an element of protection during market disruptions. This is because consumers will usually hold back on the big ticket items leaving more room to enjoy the smaller necessities in life. As if chocolate already didn’t give enough…”