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Online ISA searches rocket

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The number of internet searches for ISAs rose significantly in April.

According to digital marketing agency Greenlight, searches using the term ‘ISA rates’ alone jumped by 82%.

The results come despite recent reports that the Euro crisis has hit ISA investors with many savers seeing up to as much as 30 per cent wiped off the value of their fund in just three months.

Greenlight’s report profiled the most popular keywords consumers used when they went online in April to find mortgages, loans, credit and debit cards and bank accounts.

It found that the total number of searches for retail-banking related products in April totalled 2.4 million down from 2.5 million in January.

In April, the number of searches pertaining to loans (792,741), mortgages (719,593) and credit and debit cards (298,535), saw a dip on January’s level.

Bank account-related terms were the exception. Search volumes for the subsector totalled 592,926, up 14 per cent on January’s 521,172 total.

Greenlight’s research shows searches pertaining to ISAs were the key contributor to this volume increase.

‘ISA’ was the most popular search term in the bank account subsector and was queried 57,400 times in April, up 16 per cent on January.

Although search volumes for the terms ‘ISA rates’, ‘Best ISA rates’ and ‘Cash ISA’ were far lower by comparison, they saw the highest increase since January – 82 per cent, 58 per cent and 28 per cent, respectively.

Interestingly, the second and third most queried search terms ‘Cash ISAs’ (46,600) and ‘ISA savings’ (45,100), did not feature in Greenlight’s January top ten bank account-related search terms.