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Investors positive on all UK asset classes

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Investor sentiment reached a record high in August, with confidence in the UK economy growing in particular.

All UK asset classes experienced a positive bounce, with UK property and UK equities seeing the biggest increases in sentiment month-on-month, according to a survey by Lloyds Bank.

While attitudes towards the UK recovered, overseas and typically riskier assets dipped, despite two prior months of improved sentiment.

US, emerging markets and Japanese equities all suffered declines in confidence following ongoing speculation around the next move in interest rates and monetary policy, and their impact on currency.

Gold maintained its leading position as the preferred asset class.

Markus Stadlmann, chief investment officer at Lloyds Private Banking, said: “Despite continued market volatility in August all UK asset classes have increased in sentiment, signalling that investor confidence in the UK economy is rebounding at least in the current environment. While the UK looks more resilient in the short-term, there are still reasons for investors to be cautious. We are still yet to see any real shift in monetary policy emerge globally. More expansive policies could, over an extended period of time, prepare the ground for a new bull market.

“On this basis, it is not surprising that investors are still including safe havens as part of their asset allocation.”