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Nutmeg launches socially responsible portfolios

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Robo-advice firm Nutmeg is hoping to cater for growing demand for socially responsible investments, with the launch of a dedicated portfolio range.

The range includes 10 different risk levels and caters for investors who wish to invest in companies which follow positive environmental, social and governance (ESG) policies.

Alternatively, they may wish to limit exposure to stocks which engage in controversial activities.

For example, the portfolios will exclude stocks which derive a high percentage of their revenue from tobacco sales, as well as those involved in the production of nuclear weapons and controversial weapons.

Meanwhile, the portfolios will target exchange-traded funds (ETFs) which hold companies with positive dynamics at work, like having a diverse board.

The new portfolio range will have the same annual management fee as Nutmeg’s existing portfolios of 0.75% on the first £100,000 invested, dropping to 0.35% thereafter, and it estimates that the underlying charges for the ETFs will total 0.33%.

For investors who wish to have a better idea of how their investments align with ESG criteria, Nutmeg has unveiled scorecards for all of its portfolios. These provide insight into how each portfolio ranks in relation to ESG principles, covering things like the amount of corporate tax paid and the company’s efforts to limit the carbon they produce.

To underscore its commitment to socially responsible investing, the digital wealth manager has signed up to the Principles of Responsible Investment (PRI). Supported by the United Nations, the PRI is an independent organisation which sheds light on the investment implications of ESG factors.

Shaun Port, chief investment officer at Nutmeg, said: “There’s very little information for people who want to know if their investments are in line with their values; be they carbon emissions, gender equality on boards or a business’ management of their data. We’re changing that.

“Hard as we may try, no investment portfolio can be designed to dodge every controversy, but we’re committed to improving choice in the investment world, being transparent about how sustainable our portfolios are and empowering investors to decide what’s right for them.”

Nutmeg isn’t the only robo-adviser which has sought to cater for growing demand for socially responsible investing. Wealthify, Moola, PensionBee and Wealthsimple all offer ethical investment options for their customers.