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Tilney Bestinvest launches range of ‘takeaway’ fund portfolios

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Wealth manager Tilney Bestinvest has entered the robo-advice market with the launch of a range of ready-made fund portfolios.

Investors answer a number of questions about their risk appetite and goals and are guided to a selection of multi-asset funds put together by the firm’s research team.

The service is available to investors with a minimum of £100 to invest. They are not given any advice but can request a call back or live chat if they have a question.

The firm compares the portfolios to a “takeaway”.

“Instead of choosing a range of investments with the aim of creating a successful investment portfolio, you can just order one that our experts have put together already,” it said.

Each portfolio typically has 20 underlying funds, both active and passive, and are regularly rebalanced.

Jason Hollands, managing director of Tilney Bestinvest, said: “For many, life if simply too short or too busy to devote the necessary time to managing their own portfolio, checking up that individual funds are delivering decent returns and rebalancing their portfolio to ensure it stays in line with an asset mix that meets their goals and attitude to risk.

“This isn’t rocket science, it is investment made simple because that’s what many people are after.”

He said the service is aimed at people who are looking for a ‘flat pack solution’ to investing – in other words, a kit with step by step instructions that helps them find a sensible investment portfolio.

The popularity of robo-advice has been growing in the UK, with the likes of Nutmeg offering automated online investment solutions for people who do not want to take full financial advice.