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UK investors look overseas for opportunities in August

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Only one fund with a predominate UK focus featured in August’s top 10 traded funds on the Share Centre, with overseas investments instead leading the way.

While Neil Woodford’s CF Woodford Equity Income fund topped the list once more, this was the only UK-orientated fund in the top 10. Instead seven funds on the list invested in international companies, while the remaining two were sector specific investing in healthcare and biotech stocks.

Indeed the inclusions of the Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities and Axa Framlington Biotech funds, which were the seventh and 10th most traded fund in August respectively, were the first time since last year that sector oriented funds had made it into the top 10.

From an overseas perspective investors showed a preference for both global growth and global income, with the inclusions of the Fundsmith Equity, Lindsell Train Global Equity and Rathbone Global Opportunities funds for growth and Newton Global Income for, as its name suggests, income from overseas companies.

Also making entrances in the top 10, in third and fourth positions were two funds with a very specific geographic focus, namely Legg Mason Japan Equity and Jupiter India.

“The Legg Mason Japan Equity fund is a popular choice among our investors as it aims to play the internal consumer demand based around three key themes, notably the continuing rapid emergence of the internet as a sales channel, ageing population and the medical and long-term care industries,” says Andy Parsons, head of investment research at The Share Centre.

“Investment in emerging markets has for the vast majority of investors been off the radar for the past several years, however, the one region that has continued to attract attention and investment has been India and it’s therefore unsurprising to see it feature so prominently within the top 10.”

Ranking in eighth spot, and completing the top 10 for August, was the Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders fund.

Parsons says: “This fund has also been an infrequent entrant over the past year in our top 10 traded funds list, but interestingly has appeared in the July and August top traded lists. The fund invests in shares of large and mid-sized companies in the region, which generally have a total stock market value of at least US $1bn.”

The full list is below:

Top traded funds in August 2016 from The Share Centre:

1     CF Woodford Equity Income

2     Fundsmith Equity

3     Legg Mason Japan Equity

4     Jupiter India

5     Lindsell Train Global Equity

6     Newton Global Income

7     Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities

8     Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders

9     Rathbone Global Opportunities

10   Axa Framlington Biotech