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What funds did investors buy in November?

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Five new funds entered The Share Centre’s league table but it’s six months at the top spot for Neil Woodford.

The CF Woodford Equity Income fund has led The Share Centre’s top traded fund list in November and for the sixth month running. This popularity continues to demonstrate that it is a solid investment choice amongst our investors.  Despite the fund having only launched back in June 2014, investors have been keen to benefit from the expertise and knowledge of one of the industry’s most highly respected fund managers. The fund offers a portfolio which comprises not only a core nucleus of blue chip companies, but a number of exciting young vibrant businesses just starting out.

The AXA Framlington Biotech fund also remains in the same position as last month, holding on to second place.  The fund is ideal for those investors seeking specific sector exposure, where the underlying holdings are invested principally in equity securities of companies in the biotechnology, genomics and medical sectors worldwide. The fund is approximately 85% invested in US equities, with top holdings including Biogen, Celgene Corp and Gilead Sciences.

Also retaining its place within the top ten and still in third position is the Fundsmith Equity fund. The fund invests in equities on a global basis and is managed by the highly acclaimed founder of the business, Terry Smith.  With the number of holdings generally being between 20 – 30 stocks, the underlying portfolio clearly demonstrates the manager’s conviction in the highly concentrated portfolio of global names in which he invests. It is also our featured fund for the month of December.

The Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities fund is the second sector specific entry within the top five and continues the theme around medical and healthcare.  With advances in medical and healthcare technology continuing at a rapid pace, the fund will provide investors with not only exposure to the sector, but also significant geographical exposure to the US given the dominance of this market.”

In fifth position is the first of the new entrants in the shape of the CF Lindsell Train UK Equity fund, managed by Nick Train who is the co-founder of the business Lindsell Train Ltd.  The fund aims to achieve capital and income growth and provide a total return in excess of that of the FTSE All-Share Index.

The fifth fund to maintain its presence within the top ten, in sixth position, is the Old Mutual UK Mid-Cap fund. The Old Mutual UK Mid-Cap fund seeks to provide capital growth from investing primarily in a portfolio of medium sized UK companies, serving as an ideal investment opportunity for those seeking true mid-cap exposure.

The remainder of the top ten is interestingly made up of new entrants. Starting in seventh position we find the Rathbone Global Opportunities fund.  The fund is a specialist stock-picking fund that aims to provide above average long term capital growth from a global portfolio. James Thomson is at the helm of this fund and has built up a solid track record in terms of performance.

In eighth position we find the Legg Mason IF Japan Equity fund, which seeks to benefit from the economic and structural changes that Japan faces. Key themes are the continuing and ongoing rapid emergence of the internet as a sales channel, the opportunities created by the ageing population or the medical and long-term care industries needed to help support the nation. The manager believes that over time market strength will see investors shift their focus from large companies to smaller size growth companies, which should benefit this fund.

The only entrant within the top ten this month with more sales than purchases is the Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders fund.  The fund invests in shares of large and mid-sized companies in the region, which generally have a total stock market value of at least US $1bn. The fund has been in the news recently following the announcement that Angus Tulloch will be handing over the reins to his colleagues David Gait and Sashi Reddy.

The final new entrant this month, and in tenth position, is the AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies fund. Managed by Henry Lowson, the fund seeks to invest predominantly in smaller quoted companies albeit with the ability to hold some mid-cap companies.

November’s top traded funds from The Share Centre:

1          CF Woodford Equity Income fund

2          AXA Framlington Biotech fund

3          Fundsmith Equity fund

4          Polar Capital Healthcare Opportunities fund

5          CF Lindsell Train UK Equity fund

6          Old Mutual UK Mid-Cap fund

7          Rathbone Global Opportunities fund

8          Legg Mason IF Japan Equity fund

9          Stewart Investors Asia Pacific Leaders fund

10        AXA Framlington UK Smaller Companies fund

Andy Parsons is head of investment research at The Share Centre

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