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Woodford’s new income fund drops out of top traded list

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Star manager Neil Woodford’s Income Focus fund has dropped out of a platform’s top traded list, just five months after launch.

The Woodford Income Focus fund, which prioritises income and aims to deliver a 5% yield by the end of 2018, launched in March 2017.

Investors piled into the second open-ended fund in the Woodford Investment Management’s staple, resulting in its consistent appearance in The Share Centre’s top traded funds list.

However, it’s fallen out of the top traded funds in July, according to the platform, while three new funds have entered the list, all of which have an income focus.

It appears investors are seeking geographical diversification as all of the top 10 have an interest overseas.

Here are the top 10 traded funds in July:

  1. CF Woodford Equity Income
  2. Fundsmith Equity
  3. Jupiter India
  4. Legg Mason Japan
  5. Lindsell Train Global Equity
  6. AXA Framlington Global Technology
  7. Man GLG Continental European Growth
  8. Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity
  9. JPMorgan US Equity Income
  10. Fidelity Global Dividend

Sheridan Admans, investment manager at The Share Centre, said: “July’s top ten traded funds list has pulled out a few surprises, the first of which is that after being consistently present since its launch, Neil Woodford’s Income Focus fund has dropped out, being replaced by more funds offering investors geographical diversification and income from overseas sources.

“Could Neil selling out of a number of well-known companies including BAT have knocked investors’ confidence during July? Probably not, given that the data, which is based on the number of trades made by customers at The Share Centre, confirms that the longer established CF Woodford Equity Income fund has crept back to position itself as the most popular fund in July.”

The Fundsmith Equity fund, from renowned fund manager Terry Smith, retains its top three position.

India has been capturing investors’ attention as the government continues its reform agenda and Japan has been pursuing sustainable inflation so Admans said it’s no surprise they feature in the list.

The Lindsell Train Global Equity fund offers investors wider geographical diversification while the AXA Framlington Global Technology provides investors with an opportunity to benefit from an ever changing landscape.

Man GLG Continental European Growth’s appearance reinforces the wish for investors to diversify away from the UK as it has a core portfolio of European equities.

Index tracker Vanguard LifeStrategy 100% Equity is the first of three new funds to enter the list in July.

“The other two new entrants come in the form of JPMorgan US Equity Income and Fidelity Global Dividend. Both of these funds aim to provide income to investors through a variety of well-known global large and mid-cap companies,” Admans said.