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Nationwide increases tracker rates

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

Nationwide has increased the tracker rates for its new and existing ranges on both fee-free and fee-paying options.

The changes come into effect today with rates starting from 2.69% for both its new and existing product range.

Tracker rates for new members moving, first-time buyers, shared equity and remortgage loans have gone up.

A new customer moving opting for a two-year fixed rate at 60 % loan to value (LTV) with £999 fee is priced at 2.69%, while its fee-free equivalent is 3.29%.

In its first-time buyer product, a two-year fixed rate at 60% LTV with £999 fee, the rate is 2.79% and its no-fee option is 3.44%.

For shared equity tracker rates in this range, rates begin from 2.79% for products with a £999 fee and 3.44% for fee-free products.

Remortgage rates initially start from 2.74% for fee-paying products and then from 3.34% if they are fee-free.

In its existing product range, tracker rates have gone up for its existing members moving home, shared equity, additional borrowing, switcher and switcher additional borrowing segments.

For existing members moving, products with a £999 fee start at 2.69% and fee-free products start at 3.29%.

On the shared equity side, rates start from 2.79% for £999 fee products and 3.44% for no-fee options.

Additional borrowing and switcher products both start from 2.69% for £999 fee options and 3.14% for no-fee options.

Switcher additional borrowing fee-free options have increased and now start from 2.69%.