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Revealed: the cheapest places to sell your home in Britain

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

Which 10 places cost the least in estate agency fees, and which 10 are most expensive?

Hexham in the Tyne Valley is the cheapest place in Britain to market your property, costing an average 0.72%, according to, while the London borough of Kensington is not surprisingly the most expensive with average fees of 1.63%.

The estate agent comparison site has revealed its findings as it launches a new online map that gives homeowners a clear picture of the cost of selling a home in Britain.

The map also highlights the differences in price paid to move home across the UK, with London accounting for six of the top 10 fee hotspots. However, Walsall took second spot after Kensington with average estate agent fees of 1.6%.

In third place is Preseli Pembrokeshire where average fees are 1.56%, while the average fees nationwide is 1.1%.

Managing director of, Alex Thorpe, said: “No-one will be surprised to hear that London is the most expensive area to sell, but they may raise an eyebrow at two remote spots in Wales and Scotland hitting the top 10.

“The costs are easily explained though, and this is something that estate agents often struggle to get across – remote locations mean a huge geographical area to cover, with increased overheads and a genuine lack of buyers. All this can equate to a larger workload for an agent, justifying a slightly higher fee.”

The interactive map is available on and covers the period April 3015 to April 2016, and draws an average of property fee quotes from that period.