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One in 10 savers don’t know how many pension pots they have

Paloma Kubiak
Written By:
Paloma Kubiak

The average person has 2.4 pension pots but 10% don’t know how many they have, research reveals.

Younger workers aged 18-34 have an average of three pension pots, while those aged 55+ have 1.9, according to research from investment platform Interactive Investor.

Men also have more than women with 2.6 and 2.1 respectively.

Meanwhile, men and those aged over 55 are more likely not to know how many pension pots they’ve accrued over their working lives, the sample of 2,000 revealed.

The research comes just as the Government announced a delay to the Pensions Dashboards Programme to October 2026, extending the implementation date from August this year.

‘Dashboards urgently needed’

Alice Guy, head of pensions and savings, Interactive Investor said workers, particularly younger ones, are likely to juggle more pension pots as they move jobs during their career.

She said: “It’s a disaster for pension savers that the urgently needed pension dashboards project has been pushed back as late as 2026. Pension dashboards will help pension savers keep track of their pensions and will make it easier to see if they’re on track for a comfortable retirement.

“The Government is going to have to work hard to convince a sceptical industry the dashboard project will ever actually see the light of day.

“Everyone agrees the delivery of dashboards would be good for consumers, especially if they start to incorporate functionality and guidance tools.

“A logical policy response to the delays is to look for ways to accelerate industry consolidation of pension provision. In theory, fewer, bigger pension providers would make dashboards delivery easier to achieve.”

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