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One in three adults have never discussed death with loved ones

Rebecca Goodman
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Rebecca Goodman

Just over a third of adults admit they’ve never discussed death or end-of-life preparations with their family.

The most common reason for avoiding the topic was not feeling the urgency to talk about it (43%), followed by being uncomfortable talking about death (42%).

Just over a quarter of the 2,000 polled who admitted they didn’t discuss death said they had a fear of the topic.

Meanwhile, 16% said they didn’t know how to talk about it.

Death is a topic most people avoid talking about yet by not discussing it, this can bring more financial and emotional strain to family members who are left behind.

According to the Legal & General survey, 37% of adults said they encountered legal or logistical problems when they’ve had to deal with the affairs of a loved one who has died, highlighting why discussion is key.

However, the L&G study revealed that young people were preparing more than their older peers, with 17% of 16-24-year-olds having designated beneficiaries for life insurance or retirement accounts – the highest of any age bracket.

Talking about death also takes out the guess work when it comes to funeral wishes. However, 65% said they had made no plans with regards to arranging a funeral. Of those who had made plans, 34% were male and 27% female.

‘It’s never too early’

Paula Llewellyn, managing director of direct, Legal & General retail, said: “Open and honest conversations about death are a crucial step towards securing your loved ones’ financial wellbeing.

“Our survey underscores the shifting attitudes of younger generations, who are leading the charge in embracing these discussions.

“For those open to having these conversations, it’s never too early to communicate and a clear plan of action can make a world of difference in times of need.”