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Quarter of retirees ‘not ready’ to quit work

Jenna Towler
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Jenna Towler

Almost a quarter of people set to retire this year say they do not feel ready to stop working yet, according to research from Prudential.

And about a fifth of people polled for the provider’s Class of 2013 research said they did not like the idea of being at home all the time.

Prudential said more than half of this year’s retirees said they would think about working beyond state retirement age, and about 40% would want to remain full-time. Some 60% would consider part-time working.

It said motivation was not just financial – more than half said they thought working past state pension age would be healthy. About 40% said they would be happy to work on simply because they enjoy working so much.

Stan Russell, Prudential’s retirement income expert, said: “Retiring at 60 or 65-years-old is no longer a financial reality for many people, and the phased changes to the state pension age acknowledge this is the case. Some people do not want to retire at all, while others are happy to retire as early as possible.

“While feeling healthy and happy is part and parcel of enjoying retirement, it is important for people to enter this period of their lives with their eyes open.

“Expected retirement incomes are at a six year low, and so it is important to plan ahead – and consult a financial adviser or retirement specialist – to ensure a comfortable retirement.”

The study found the ideal scenario for people continuing to work post-retirement would be to scale back their hours in their current job.

Some 30% would prefer to work in their current job part-time, while 10% would happily continue to work in their current job full-time.