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60 second news round-up: the top money stories of the week

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Missed this week’s big money stories? Here’s our one-minute summary of the key facts and figures from the last seven days.

Credit cards and loans

The four-day working week started with the depressing news that more than one-third of young adults are already in debt to the tune of about £3k, with few seeking advice when they get into trouble.

Staying on the theme of young adults, it was revealed later in the week that while two thirds of them have financial goals, most don’t have a plan to reach them. A lack of of where to turn for advice, was again pointed to as being a big concern.


Index tracking funds were in the news this week after Hargreaves Lansdown announced that, for the first time, it was adding 13 passive funds to its Wealth 150 Plus list of recommended funds.

Unsure if passive investing is for you? We published this guide on the pros and cons of using index trackers, versus their actively managed counterparts.

Lastly, with much being written about the current weak state of the pound, we looked at those stocks which are actually benefitting from its recent falls.


With the night tube up and running in London property experts believe it will drive up house prices in the outer suburbs. We looked at which areas will benefit the most.

Meanwhile almost a month on from the first Bank Base Rate cut in seven and a half years,  it was revealed that less than half of UK mortgage lenders have handed the full 0.25% interest rate drop to Standard Variable Rate (SVR) borrowers.

While some rate cuts may not be getting passed on, it was still announced that Brexit has fuelled a remortgage rush by homeowners locking into lower mortgage rates, with remortgaging hitting an eight year high.