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App review: HomeBudget With Sync

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Every day this week our guest expert, Michael Banks of Corporate Group, reviews a different personal finance app to help you pick the best on the market.

Today: HomeBudget With Sync


What device(s) is this app available on?: iPhone, iPad, Android

What was the device used for this review?: iPhone

Typical price?: £2.99 – Apple £3.71 – Android (Lite version available)

Link to download the app:

Apple –

Android –

Is the user interface straightforward and easy to use?: Yes.

Is the app easy to set up?: Yes

What does it do?:
HomeBudget With Sync allows you to track expenses, income and bills in order to budget effectively. By viewing and tracking expenses on charts and graphs, you can easily analyse expenses and see where savings can be made. The app allows you to sync with other family members within your household, allowing one streamlined account of income and outgoings. There are various categories allowing you to create, edit and delete categories and sub-categories, so it’s possible to customize the app to your own specifications and you can even choose your own icons. It even offers a choice of colour schemes. This app supports bank and savings accounts, for transfers and currency conversion it also supports debit and credit card transactions to be included in budgets. You can export reports via email and/or Wifi.

What’s good about it?:
This app has a simple and straightforward user interface and enables the user to take control of specific details within the app, modifying it to suit their own requirements. It includes a thoughtful facility to attach photo images of receipts, so saves messing around with a scanner. Also, the calendar support with a list view of bills and dates is useful for managing day-to-day cash flow, including a bill reminder alert.

What’s bad about it?:
It’s not free, but then it probably will save you money in the long run as you get a tighter grip on your finances.

This is an easy and effective budget planner and which can be easily modified to suit your needs.

Score: 8 /10


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