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Chase banking app down

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Customers of the JP Morgan-owned app-only bank can’t access their accounts or make payments due to technical issues.

An alert on Chase’s website said: “Some customers are having trouble using the app, completing online card payment checks and logging in.”

Some customers report that they have been having issues for two days.

Customers clicking a link are taken to a page where Chase lists the issues it is currently having.

New customers trying to join the bank face a “major outage”, as do existing customers attempting to see balances and activity, send money, or move money between accounts.

‘Degraded performance’

When it comes to logging into the app there is a “partial outage”, while Chase says      customers can still pay money in and make regular payments. However, account      holders trying to use their card will see a “degraded performance”.

The @chase_uk Twitter account Tweeted: “We’re aware some customers are still      having issues using our app today. If you’re affected, you might have issues logging in, approving online card payments and navigating the app. We’re working to fix this as soon as we can.”

Some customers have taken to MoneySavingExpert.com’s forum to complain about the technical outage.

Chase has notched up about a million customers since launching last year. YourMoney.com editor Paloma Kubiak joined Chase in May and gives her take on the app-only bank here.

Chase customers can earn 5% on their savings – one of the highest savings rates on the market – by using the bank’s round-up feature.