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Is this the end of paper receipts?

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Barclays customers can now have digital receipts sent straight from stores to their smartphone app when they pay by debit card.

The receipts will be stored with the corresponding transaction, so customers can easily access and keep track of their spending.

Initially, Barclays customers will be able to get digital receipts when they make purchases at H&M, Just Eat, Papa Johns and Schuh. The new feature, using technology from Flux, will be rolled out across more retailers in the coming months.

Ruchir Rodrigues, global head of digital and platforms at Barclays, said: “The pandemic has shown an increasing desire among consumers for the safety and security offered by a low-touch environment which digital receipts, along with other solutions such as contactless payments, enable. The introduction of the digital receipts feature in the Barclays app gives customers a way to conveniently get an itemised receipt of their purchase straight into their app, offering them greater control and ease when managing their money.”

James Bain, head of technology procurement at Just Eat, said: “We are always looking at how we can improve the experience for our customers, so we are excited to be able to offer our customers digital receipts when they pay using a Barclays debit card. Digital receipts makes it easy for our customers to locate their receipts and easily view what they have ordered from us.”

How to set up digital receipts in the Barclays app

  • Log onto the app
  • Go to ‘Products’ at the bottom of the home screen
  • Tap ‘Digital Receipts’ under ‘Our Services’

To view digital receipts, customers need to tap on a transaction from their ‘transaction list’ page in the app, which will take them to their ‘detailed transactions’ page where they have the option to tap on ‘view itemised receipt.’