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Ryanair to target business travellers with new offers

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Ryanair is to start offering new fares and services aimed at pulling in business travellers and families.

The low cost airline will start selling higher-priced flexible tickets aimed at the business market, allowing passengers to change flight more easily without further penalty, The Guardian reports.

It also plans to make travel easier for families by allowing groups travelling together to pool their luggage allowance, rather than charging individuals extra for one overweight suitcase.

Speaking at the Airline Operators Association conference, chief executive Michael O’Leary said the “evolution” of the airline would continue over the coming winter, including changes to restrictions on group bookings to make Ryanair an option for school trips or similar parties.

The airline will also have a “membership scheme” allowing customers to register on its relaunched website.

O’Leary said it would extend the scheme about to be introduced at Stansted whereby passengers will be given leeway to carry on more than one bag, including airport shopping.