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The best savings and ISA accounts this week

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Providers are jostling for position at the top of the easy access savings table with the best account now paying 5%.

When it comes to fixed rate bonds there are no clear winners, with a plethora of providers paying 6% on one-year bonds and 6.05% on two-year bonds.

The best cash savings accounts

Furness Building Society’s Triple Access Saver (issue 1) has taken the top spot on the easy access charts, paying 5% AER. However, savers can only make three withdrawals a year from the account before the rate falls.

Not far behind is Beehive Money which has increased the rate on its Bonus Saver Account to 4.90% AER with a minimum deposit of £1,000. The account includes an introductory bonus rate of 2.25% which runs until 31 August 2024, so a review of the account before this expires would be wise.

Cahoot’s Simple Saver also pays 4.90%, while Oxbury Bank’s Personal Easy Access Account (Issue 1) pays 4.85%.

The best fixed rate bonds

For savers who want to fix their rate and tie up their cash, there is a choice of eight providers – BLME, Close Brothers, Investec Bank, National Bank of Egypt, QIB, Zenith Bank, Castle Trust Bank, and Ikano Bank – all paying 6% on one-year fixed rate bonds.

There are slightly higher rates available for two-year accounts with six providers – Close Brothers, Ford Money, Hampshire Trust Bank, Hodge Bank and Ikano Bank – all paying 6.05%.

When it comes to notice savings accounts, the highest paying is the Oxbury Bank Personal 180 Day Notice Account (Issue 15) paying 5.59% on a minimum of £1,000.

The shortest-notice period comes from the RCI Bank E-Volve Savings 14 Day Notice Account which pays 4.50% and requires £1,000 to open.

The best instant-access cash ISAs

The top spot for easy-access ISAs this week is the Newcastle BS Newcastle Double Access ISA (Issue 1). It pays 4.50% interest on a minimum deposit of £1.

However, despite the account paying the highest rate of interest, there is a catch when it comes to withdrawals. The account can be opened online or in a branch, and also managed by post or phone. If more than two withdrawals are made within a year, the interest rate will drop to 2.90%.

The next best are the following:

  • Shawbrook Bank Easy Access Cash ISA – Issue 25: paying 4.43% on a minimum of £1,000, this account can be opened online and managed on the phone.
  • Cynergy Bank Online ISA (Issue 40): paying 4.40%, this online account can be opened with £1.
  • Tesco Bank Instant Access Cash ISA: paying 4.40%, this account accepts transfers in from Cash ISAs, and stocks and shares ISAs.

The best fixed-rate cash ISAs

UBL UK retains top position in Moneyfacts’ one-year and two-year fixed ISA charts this week, with the rates paid by its 1 Year and 2 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISAs going unchallenged at 5.77% and 5.75% respectively.

After opening online, in branch, by post or using the mobile banking app with a deposit starting from £2,000, these accounts can be managed over the phone, but it should be noted that neither permits further additions to your opening amount.

Earlier access, meanwhile, can be gained on account closure, subject to a respective 90 and 180-day loss of interest penalty. Otherwise, interest is paid on maturity with the one-year term and either monthly, on anniversary or on maturity with its two-year counterpart.

For a fixed ISA with a longer term, Zopa continues to offer the best three-year and five-year rate. Its Smart ISA – 3 and 5 Year pots pay 5.56% AER and 5.26% AER respectively, compounded on a monthly basis after opening with a minimum initial deposit of £1.

The best notice cash ISAs

The shortest notice period for a cash ISA comes from the Aldermore 30 Day Notice Cash ISA Issue 12 which pays 4.25% on a minimum of £1,000. It can only be opened and managed online.

For a slightly longer notice period, the Stafford Railway BS Cash ISA 60 Day Notice Account pays 4.50%. It can be opened online, in person, or by post with £100.