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The busiest mobile banking days of 2015

Joanna Faith
Written By:
Joanna Faith

Cyber Monday, Black Friday and the Friday before the August Bank Holiday were the busiest days for mobile banking so far this year, according to the latest Halifax Digital Dashboard.

On Black Friday customers made 1.84 million mobile visits, while during Cyber Monday there were 1.81. On 28 August there were over 1.7 million visits as customers checked their finances ahead of the long weekend.

This is the second year in a row that Black Friday saw a significant increase in transactions, and it is set to be the single busiest shopping day for 2015.

Total Black Friday transactions across Halifax debit and credit cards in 2015 neared 15 million (approx. 14,750,000), around one million more than were counted in 2014, an increase of 7%.

Across the entire weekend consumers made a total of almost 50 million transactions, averaging around 35,000 payments a minute.

Online shopping on Black Friday was up 14% on the year before, with almost five million individual transactions, while contactless transactions topped the one million mark, representing a 317% increase on the year before. Women accounted for the majority of the spend (54%).

Cyber Monday also saw a considerable increase in activity, with transactions up 13% this year, compared to 2014, reaching almost 12 million.

Mobile banking usage by Halifax current account customers has grown by 32% between the end of the third quarter of 2014 and the same time in 2015, with customers continuing to benefit from being able to bank on the move.

Between July and September, Halifax customers made 102 million online visits through their mobiles – nearly three times the number of visits made on desktop.

Customers are also increasingly using mobile banking to make payments and transfer funds. During the third quarter there were over 22 million debit transactions made on mobiles by Halifax customers – an increase of 33% on the first quarter of 2015.

Nick Williams, consumer digital director, said: “Our latest Digital Dashboard confirms that an increasing number of Halifax customers are finding mobile banking suits their lifestyles and makes it easier for them to keep track of their finances, and move money, wherever they may be.

“As we head into one of the busiest and often most expensive times of the year, the convenience of mobile will no doubt continue and in the long term we expect mobile banking to grow further – outstripping both desktop and tablet usage – as customers appreciate the convenience of having their bank in their pocket.”