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This week’s best easy access, fixed and notice ISA rates

Emma Lunn
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Emma Lunn

Savers can earn up to 3.10% interest on their cash ISA – read about this week’s best ISA rates as analysed by Moneyfacts.

The best easy access ISA rate on the market currently stands at 3.10% AER and is offered by three different providers.

Easy access ISAs

Yorkshire Building Society has two easy access ISAs offering the 3.10% AER – its Limited Access ISA, and its online counterpart, the Limited Access Saver e-ISA. Both accounts can be opened with a minimum of £1, and both pay interest yearly.

While withdrawals are allowed from each account, they can only be made on one day per year based on the anniversary of account opening.

Also offering 3.10% AER is Paragon Bank’s Triple Access ISA – Issue 12. This online-only account can be opened with a minimum deposit of £1 and you can choose whether interest is paid monthly or on anniversary. Withdrawals are permitted, although making more than three withdrawals within a 12-month period will result in a lower rate being paid.

Principality BS is the third provider to offer 3.10% AER after taking into consideration the 0.40% introductory bonus it pays for the first 12 months after account opening.

You can open this account with a minimum of £1 via its website and can continue making further additions as you wish. This account allows for unlimited withdrawals, while also following flexible ISA rules. Interest is paid on a yearly basis.

If you’re a teacher or professional in the education sector, you can access Teachers Building Society’s Triple Access Cash ISA for Teachers which pays 3.05% AER. There is an option for those who don’t work in the education sector, but it only pays a rate of 3% AER.

Other cash ISAs paying 3.05% include Cynergy Bank’s Online ISA (Issue 31) and Gatehouse Bank’s Easy Access Cash ISA.

Fixed rate cash ISAs

One-year fixed

Virgin Money continues to top the one-year chart with its 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA Exclusive Issue 5 paying 4.25% AER on maturity.

While there’s no minimum deposit necessary to open this account, it can only be opened by new and existing Virgin Money current account customers from 4 December 2019, or existing customers who originally opened a Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank or B current account.

Once opened, further additions can be made while the issue remains open and within 30 days of issue closing. Earlier access to your funds is allowed, subject to 60 days’ loss of interest.

Two-year fixed

Virgin Money leads the two-year chart as well, taking top position from Shawbrook Bank. Virgin’s 2 Year Fixed Rate Cash E-ISA Issue 559 pays 4.17% AER until it matures on 24 March 2025, and you can choose whether to receive interest monthly or yearly.

After opening with an initial deposit of at least £1, you can continue making further additions into this account for another 30 days. You’ll also be permitted earlier access to your funds, subject to 90 days’ loss of interest.

Three and five-year fixed

As for the three and five-year fixed rate charts, Gatehouse Bank continues to lead the way with its Woodland Cash ISA range. This Shari’ah compliant bank pays an expected profit rate of 4.20% on both its 3 and 5 Year Fixed Term Woodland Cash ISAs and promises to plant a tree in a UK woodland for each one of these accounts that are opened and funded.

Expected profit (rather than interest) can be paid monthly or on anniversary for each of the three and five year accounts. Both accounts also allow for earlier access, though this will result in a 270-day loss of profit penalty in the case of the three-year account, and a 365-day loss of profit penalty for the five-year account.

Joining Gatehouse Bank on top of the three-year chart is Close Brothers Savings, which pays its rate on anniversary. Its three-year fixed rate ISA needs a minimum deposit of £10,000 to start earning interest and allows you to add to this sum for 10 days from account opening. Meanwhile, early access to your funds will result in closure of the ISA and a 270-day loss of interest penalty.

Notice ISA accounts

Aldermore offers the best rate for accounts that need 30 days or less notice, paying 2.80% AER. In order to open this flexible ISA, you will need a minimum deposit of £1,000. Meanwhile, to withdraw funds from the account, you are required to provide 30 days’ notice, otherwise you will be landed with a 30-day loss of interest penalty.

Similarly, Furness BS continues to top the table for accounts that require a notice period of 60 days or less. Its 45-day Notice Cash ISA, a flexible ISA, pays 3.30% AER on a yearly basis. After opening this account with a minimum of £1,000, to access your money you will need to provide 45 days’ notice, or you’ll lose 45 days’ interest.