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Top free money saving apps for students

Joanna Faith
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Joanna Faith

If you or someone you know is heading off to university soon, these apps can help save the pennies.

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RedLaser scans the barcode on an item and searches for the cheapest place to buy it; so if you’re out on the high street, you can instantly find out if the price is right and where the cheapest place to get it is – online of at one of the shops.


Brits waste millions every year on impulse buys, whether it’s a quick sale buy, or a few lattes from Starbucks.

The cost of the odd latte here or there might not seem like much, but if you’re getting four or five a week at nearly £5 per visit, it soon racks up.

Every time you choose not to spend money, you enter the amount you have saved into the app and the sum is automatically transferred into a savings account.

So whenever you resist the urge to buy a £4 coffee instead of just making one yourself, or choosing to walk rather than hop on the bus – the savings can all be put towards that special purchase you might have your eye like a luxury holiday in the sun.


A great app to find you discount codes for anything from pizzas to well-known high street retailers. This app will have you saving money on meals out, day-to-day shopping and most things in between.

If you’re buying something but don’t need it in a rush, it’s wise to keep checking on the app in case they update it with a discount code for the product you’re looking to buy.


A one-stop shop to find the best travel deals around. You can search for flights, hotels and hire cars, as well as set price alerts for when deals become available at a price you can afford.

ATM Hunter

This app can be a lifesaver for fresher’s new to their university town or city.
This little app hunts down ATMs in the vicinity using your exact location, and the best bit?

It will also tell you where the nearest free ATMs are – no one should have to pay to take out their own money.


Trains can be ridiculously expensive in the UK, and the longer you leave it the more the cost racks up – so save your wallet some pain. Next time you remember that you need to book those tickets home – do it on your phone rather than leaving it to the last minute.

Trainline is one of the cheapest ways to get train tickets, and don’t forget to get you 16-25 Railcard for added discounts.


If you’re planning an old-school ‘dinner and a movie’ date use this app to get up to 50% off the swankiest restaurants in your area.

It has some genuinely good restaurants at bargain prices – and the plus point? You don’t have to print off a voucher, which means you can get away with your date thinking you paid for the whole thing at full price.

My Fridge Food

And if you can’t afford a meal out, no matter what the discount – get this app.

Tick the boxes on what you have you in kitchen and find a list of dishes you can make with what you already have.

The app will let you know if you have all the ingredients needed for a dish or are a few short.

And while the recipes range in how seemingly well-vetted they are, it’s a handy as an ideas book.


If you’re tired of racking up huge bills waiting to get through to a UK business while at the same time being silently driven mad by one cheesy song looped endlessly, you will find this app particularly useful.

The WeQ4U app gets you through to the right number without all the waiting – you simply dial the number you need and the app will connect you.

If you get stuck in a queue, just press 9* on your telephone keypad, and your phone will disconnect from the call. But the app stays connected and will only ring you back on your number when an operator is free.

Calls through WeQ4U are included in your standard minutes, saving you around 30p per minute on your 08 calls. Plus, you don’t use any minutes for the time the app waits in the queue for you.

The app has had rave reviews and is a great way to save hundreds of pounds.

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