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Who is paying the best current ISA rates?

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Savers are now looking at higher interest rates, though still much lower than inflation. With that in mind, consumers may be looking to explore their ISA allowance. We examine the current best deals on the market.

Moneyfacts has listed the best current ISA rates across easy access, fixed rate and notice accounts for people who have not yet maxxed out on their ISA allowances. The site cautions that the accounts it cites are available to new customers, although better rates may be available to existing clients.

ISA stands for individual savings account. These allow people to hold tax-deferred cash, shares and unit trusts.

The best easy access rates

According to Moneyfacts, Virgin Money was offering a 3% annual equivalent rate (AER) on its Easy Access Cash ISA Exclusive Issue 2 whilst the Earl Shilton building society’s Instant Access Cash ISA was offering 2.55% and the Nationwide Building Society’s One-Year Triple Access Online ISA 14 was at 2.50% AER. Cynergy Bank and Principality Building Society were also offering 2.5%.

The Virgin Money rate is for new and existing Virgin Money current account holders starting next week, according to Moneyfacts which says that any Virgin Money customers who originally opened a Clydesdale Bank, Yorkshire Bank or B current account are exceptions.

For the Earl Shilton account, you need just a minimum opening deposit of £10 and interest is compounded yearly. It has to be opened and managed in branch and via the post.

For the Nationwide option, only valid for 12 months, you need just a minimum opening deposit of £1, with interest compounded and paid on the anniversary of opening. You are allowed to make withdrawals but if you make more than three, your rate will drop to 0.75% AER for the remainder of the term.

Best fixed-rate ISA savings

After increasing its rate on Monday, UBL UK tops the one year chart this week. The 1 Year Fixed Rate Cash ISA pays 3.81% interest on maturity and requires a minimum opening deposit of £2,000.

The State Bank of India leads the two, three and five year fixed rates, each with an interest rate of 4.65%. In each case, a minimum deposit of £5,000 is required but no further additions are allowed.

Best notice ISAs

Aldermore is the top provider on this week’s chart with an AER of 2.80% for its 30 Day Notice Cash ISA Issue 12. However, Moneyfacts notes that a minimum opening deposit of £1,000 is required with interest paid away or compounded monthly or on anniversary. Any withdrawals you make are subject to a 30-day notice period or a 30-day loss of interest. This ISA can only be opened and managed online.