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VouchedFor hits review milestone

Having launched in 2011, the number of customer reviews of mortgage advisers and IFAs on has reached 15,000, across just over 3,000 advisers.

First Time Buyer | 27 Oct 2014

Is home ownership a reality for the next generation?

Recent research found that 49 per cent of non-homeowners think they'll never get a foot on the ladder. Is it harder than ever to buy a house?

Mortgages | 09 Oct 2014

How far would you go to get on the housing ladder?

More than one million Brits would consider leaving the UK if it meant they could afford to buy a home, new research has revealed. How far would you go?

Mortgages | 08 Oct 2014

Cameron hails success of Help to Buy

Prime Minister David Cameron has highlighted the success of Help to Buy and claimed those who criticised the scheme have been proven wrong.

Mortgages | 01 Oct 2014
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Thirty-somethings dominate first time buyer market

Almost half of first time buyers in August were aged between 31 and 40 as younger buyers continue to be priced out of the market.

Mortgages | 29 Sep 2014

Government announces rent to buy scheme

A new government scheme called ‘rent to buy’ aims to help aspiring purchasers save a deposit while they rent.

Mortgages | 26 Sep 2014
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Help to Buy equity loan completions near 30,000

The government's Help to Buy equity loan scheme has helped just under 30,000 households purchase a property since it launched 15 months ago, statistics have shown.

Mortgages | 02 Sep 2014

Income multiple cap must be lifted, says trade body

First-time buyers will suffer if smaller lenders are not given greater freedom to lend above four-and-a-half times borrowers' income, warned the Building Societies Association (BSA).

Mortgages | 01 Sep 2014

Guide for First-Time Buyers

Download our free, handy guide for first-time buyers, produced in association with the Post Office.

First Time Buyer | 26 Aug 2014

Cost gap between buying and renting widens

First time buyers spend an average of £110 per month – and about £1,300 per year – less than their renting counterparts.

Mortgages | 23 Aug 2014
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First-time buyer sales hit seven-year high

First-time buyer sales rose to a seven-year high in July as 30,000 fledgling buyers climbed onto the bottom rung of the property ladder.

First Time Buyer | 22 Aug 2014

First-time buyer deposits fall 10% in a year

The average house deposit put down by first-time buyers has fallen 10 per cent in the past year, according to new data.

First Time Buyer | 27 Jun 2014

Help to Buy: More than 2,000 completions under equity loan scheme in May

More than 2,000 properties were purchased using a Help to Buy equity loan in the last month, figures from the government have shown.

First Time Buyer | 26 Jun 2014

First time buyers receive half of deposit from parents

The average first time buyer receives roughly half of their house deposit from their parents, a study has revealed.

First Time Buyer | 25 Jun 2014

More than half of parents expect to help children onto property ladder

More than half of parents are worried their children won't be able to get onto the property ladder without financial support, according to new research by TSB.

First Time Buyer | 23 Jun 2014

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