Inheritance Tax


Planning ahead: Pre-paid funeral plans

It seems churlish to complain about the cost of burying a loved one, but it can be a considerable - and often unexpected - expense.

Savings | 17 Sep 2014
A pair of hands resting on prison bars

Financial adviser who preyed on the bereaved jailed for £85k theft

A financial adviser has been jailed for five years at Preston Crown Court for stealing a total of £85,470 from elderly victims.

Retirement | 19 Aug 2014

Savers could pay IHT while they are still living

Savers could be forced to pay inheritance tax while they are still alive, under a new drive against tax avoidance planned by the government.

Inheritance Tax | 11 Aug 2014

One in ten thinks government will pay for funeral

One in ten Brits wrongly believes that the government will pick up the tab for their funeral, a survey has found.

Income Tax | 17 Jul 2014

BLOG: The inheritance tax net will continue to widen

Jacqueline Almond and Catherine O'Reilly call for a greater focus on inheritance tax as property prices skyrocket.

Inheritance Tax | 17 Jul 2014

£1.2m battle over mother's legacy to toyboy lover highlights perils of will disputes

The recent High Court battle over a mother’s £1.2m legacy shows that will disputes are more common than people think, argues Emma Myers, Head of Wills, Probate and Lifetime Planning for Saga Legal Services.

Inheritance Tax | 14 Jul 2014

Kids miss out as one in four over-50s chooses to SKI

SKI-ing (Spending the Kids's Inheritance) is becoming increasing popular, with around a quarter of parents planning to leave just a fraction of their estate – or none at all – to their children.

Inheritance Tax | 08 Jul 2014

Brits routinely fail to update wills following major life changes

Almost a third of British adults neglect to revise their will following major life events such as marriage and divorce.

Inheritance Tax | 08 Jul 2014

Thousands more families to face IHT bills this year

Thousands more families will be required to pay inheritance tax (IHT) this year as an improving economy and rising house prices pull them above the threshold, according to figures.

Inheritance Tax | 16 Jun 2014

IHT planning: Why couples should set up individual trusts

Married couples can benefit from setting up 'single settlor' trusts rather than joint trusts.

Inheritance Tax | 03 Jun 2014

Five ways to reduce your inheritance tax liabilities

The current tax-free allowance for inheritances once seemed rather generous, but steeply rising house prices across the country have changed the situation somewhat.

Inheritance Tax | 02 May 2014

IHT timebomb looms for London homeowners after house price surge

Some 250,000 pensioners in London are set to pass on crippling inheritance tax bills to their beneficiaries as a result of the capital's property boom.

Inheritance Tax | 15 Apr 2014

Wealthy Britons in the dark over inheritance tax rules

Wealthy Britons risk leaving their loved ones with an unexpected tax bill after a new report revealed less than half are aware of the inheritance tax threshold.

Tax | 17 Feb 2014

BLOG: Legacy donations can help reduce your inheritance tax burden

Leaving a legacy donations is an effective way to do good as well as reduce the inheritance tax burden on your family, writes solicitor Lauren Killilea.

Wills | 31 Jan 2014

Moving abroad: your essential guide

According to the Office for National Statistics, 400 Brits leave the UK every day to start a life on foreign shores, whether for work or retirement.

Savings | 30 Oct 2013

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